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1. Select your preferred project package, style and place your order by completing our brief order instructions which guide project execution.
You are required to think, review and make an informed decision about your order.
From there you will be redirected to our online payment processing page to submit your order payment.
2. When we confirm your payment with regards to your order number. We ”ll send you your order and successful payment invoice to help you understand your transaction better and your project manager will be in touch with you throughout the process.
3. Finally, we’ll commence your project as ordered. When your project is completed, you will be notified by your project manager who delivers your project to you by updating you with the final instruction or output of your project and you stand the chance to request for revision if necessary or you are 100% satisfied.


 IMPORTANT NOTE: Please always check below here to see the requirement(s)  for your selected project.
REQUIREMENT FOR Premium Business Animated Video Project

We make sure we have everything we need to complete your project successfully.

You, Will, Be Required To PROVIDE: Your Script, Audio or Voice-Over and Visual instructions if you have them available

To enable us to make the best video for your brand, you will need to supply us with as much information as you could possibly release to us. Please provide detailed information about your ideas and goals and we will get in touch with you on how to achieve them with our top-notch character animated video design. You don’t have to pay for our consultation.


Finally, you will be redirected to our thank you page where you are required to Upload your available project requirement(if any) through our online file uploader link or Email your available requirement and complete project ideas to the email address you will find in our thank you page and your Project Manager will be in touch with you throughout the process!!
Don’t have all the project requirements? no worries provide the once you have and leave the rest to us. We will make your project our priority and do our best to give you the best.

You can contact our team first if you don’t understand how to order by using our get a quote form in our site menu tab, so we can help you analyze your business and make the best choice for the required project style…


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